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Palestinian stabs Jew in Hamas music video

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Song lyrics: 
"We have not yet drawn weapons, and yet we have [already] brought down the Zionists 
We have brought down the Zionists… 
They removed us from the land and stole our beloved homeland… 
We have not forgotten, the children have grown up, and we have started blowing up Tel Aviv 
We have started blowing up Tel Aviv… 
We will ambush them. We will trample the necks of the enemies. On the trigger, on the trigger. [I’m] alert and my finger is on the trigger..." 

Visual: Footage of Hamas missile hitting Israeli army bus. 

"O occupier, wait for a green [light]. Receive this reduced image. See how the Kornet [missile] travels slowly… 
We are the ones who threaten, and no one threatens us 
We are the nation’s only sword 
We will strike, we will blow up [and] not hesitate 
We will do more against the enemy if he continues…" 

(Staged): A Palestinian stabs a religious Jew. Replay in slow motion.

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