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PA TV Shows Child Learning How to Shoot Jews

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PA TV Shows Child Learning How to Shoot Jews

 The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) official TV station broadcasted a segment of a Palestinian boy learning how to shoot Jews, according to Palestinian Media Watch.

The segment, which was during an episode of the PA TV’s “Children of the Village Chief” series that focuses on Arab communities in Israel from 1948 onward, shows a 10-year-old boy identified as Fares saying to his Uncle Ibrahim, “I want you to teach me how to use the rifle.”

When his uncle asks him why, Fares responds, “So that if the Jews come to the village, I’ll shoot them.”

Ibrahim then tells his nephew to aim at his enemy, which Fares reiterates is “the Jews, who removed us from our land and our homes.” Ibrahim proceeds to tell his nephew to “aim at [the Jews] well and shoot” and encourages him by saying, “Go ahead, hero.”

Palestinian Media Watch also cites subsequent episodes in the series where Jews are called “cowards” and “impure schemers.”


Palestinian Media Watch has extensively documented the anti-Semitism promulgated on PA TV, which included a sheikh calling for Jews to be “killed one by one” in December 2018 and an October sermon stating that Adolf Hitler was punishing Jews for their “mentality of superiority over other people.”