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Fatah will use armed struggle and non-violence

At a political conference held by the Institute for Development Studies in Gaza, politicians and spokesmen emphasized the importance of taking bold violent and non-violent decisions to end the internal Palestinian discord:
Headline: "At political conference in Gaza organized by the Institute for Development Studies on the subject of dialogue – demand to take bold decisions to end the [Hamas-Fatah] discord and to agree to national reconciliation"
“Ashraf Jum'a, a member of the Fatah parliamentary faction in the Legislative Council (Palestinian Parliament) … stated that political changes had come about following the events of June [2007] in Gaza [Hamas takeover] and following the war, and that Fatah was clear about its political approach, insofar as it announced at its Sixth Conference its adherence to the armed struggle for the liberation of Palestine, and has also adhered to the platform of President Mahmoud Abbas since 2005 – turning to a political process and to non-violent resistance."