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Fatah Facebook on Palestinian connection to “Palestine”: “We will kill them with love for our land… Our past will pain your present”

Posted text: “We will defeat them with yearning!
At the Lod Airport, which [first Israeli Prime Minister David] Ben-Gurion stole from Lod and attached his named to, the Israeli passport officer stopped leafing through the pages of a Canadian passport and affixed his gaze on a gold map of Palestine that a young Palestinian woman had hung on her neck, the owner of the Canadian passport. He smiled with the cunning of a Jewish wolf and said: ‘Ms. Laila, are you so proud of Israel that you hang its map on your neck?’
Laila affixed her gaze on the wolf, the Israeli passport officer, and turned his smile into a strong expression of anger when she said in impressive English: ‘This is a map of Palestine, sir!’ The Israeli officer stamped his Israeli seal on the Canadian passport and the gleam of the golden map of Palestine shined on the chest of Palestinian Laila under the gaze of Ben-Gurion and his grandson the wolf.
At the same time a ‘returning Palestinian’ with a Swedish passport disembarked from the Scandinavian plane and then kneeled on the ground of the airport and kissed the land of Lod! Also under the gaze of Ben-Gurion’s sign and the astonishment of his grandchildren!
This is the Palestinian yearning that will not allow the bones of Ben-Gurion, the founder of the Zionist state, to rest in his grave after 70 years of land theft. On the chest of [Palestine’s] owners is a golden map that shines from an airport… and land that a returning Palestinian with a Swedish passport kisses in order to smell the bones of his grandfather underneath it in Jaffa, which Tel Aviv swallowed up and established on top of it a university that teaches the humanities at [the village of] Al-Sheikh Muwannis.
We will defeat them with yearning!
We will kill them with love for our land, we will defeat them [with the strength of] the victim who goes out against his killer… We will come out from under the beds of their soldiers like ghosts that will make them lose sleep, we will sit on the chest of the thief in the Israeli Parliament, and we will taunt their anthem Hatikva with Ya Zareef Al-Tool (i. e., a song from the British Mandate period) and give them a headache with [Israeli Arab Parliament Member] Hanin Zoabi’s clothing that is adorned with Canaanite inscriptions… We will taunt their fragmented Hebrew with the [letter] ‘Kaf’ of the sons of Nazareth… that is shouting in the heart of the home of their occupation. Palestine has been our home since before [former Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor] Liberman was born (referring to the name of Liberman's political party, Israel is Our Home –Ed.)… Our past will pain your present; we will pursue you with our memories in your bedrooms, and will come out from your coffee mugs in the morning.”