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PFLP protests continued expropriation of its funds by the PLO due to its anti-Fatah positions

Headline: “The Popular Front calls for reconciliation and rejects the implementation of financial extortion against it”

“The political bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) held a number of meetings in recent days, during which it discussed many subjects…
It emphasized its adherence to the PLO as the legal and sole representative of the Palestinian people, and the need to protect it by carrying out reforms and reorganizing its institutions and departments on the basis of national and democratic principles, which will return its honor to it and strengthen its position…
The notice summarizing the meeting referred to the issue of ‘the expropriation of the PFLP’s financial rights from within the Palestinian National Fund,’ which has been continuing for the last 18 months (the PLO has not transferred funds to the PFLP for 18 months due to it voicing positions that contradict the positions of Fatah –Ed.).
The political bureau noted that recently it has acted to deal with the matter of the PFLP’s financial rights far from the media, through contact with the PLO Executive Committee, with the National Fund, with the Fatah Movement Central Committee, and with the national action factions; but all of this to no avail. It emphasized its objection to the policy of bargaining and extortion.
The political bureau called on all of the relevant national sides, and primarily the PLO Executive Committee and the Fatah Central Committee, to stop harming the rights of the PFLP, and also the rights of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) that has also been punished for its national positions. It also called to stop the policy of exclusive control of the national institution (the PLO) and its decisions (referring to Fatah’s control of the PLO –Ed.).”