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Fatah glorifies Ariel terrorist: heroic Martyr - report

Jerusalem post Staff  |

The Fatah official Facebook page is publishing posts glorifying and praising Omar Abu Laila, who killed two Israelis on Sunday. 

Laila was killed by IDF troops Tuesday night during his arrest. Two days prior, he murdered an IDF soldier and Israeli civilian in a shooting attack at the Ariel junction.

In various posts, Fatah terms Laila “the perfect person," in addition to his being a "heroic Martyr" deserving of a "military salute."

The Fatah Facebook page has more than 170,000 followers.

Several of the Facebook posts were translated by Palestinian Media Watch and disseminated to the press. 

In one, an image of Laila has the following words transposed on to it, “"Heroic Martyr Omar Abu Laila.” Then, the post reads, “The Martyr (Shahid) represents the moment of transcending these blind instincts, as he stands firm before death and transcends the conditioned reflexes - then the perfect person is realized within him, to whom we give a military salute."

That post was published on March 20, 2019.

“PMW is surprised and disappointed that Facebook knowingly allows itself to continue to be an important platform for support of Palestinian terror,” said the watchdog in a statement. 

In February, PMW sent Facebook a 45-page report documenting how Fatah’s 2018 posts glorified mass murderers and other terrorists who were responsible for hundreds of murders, which include not only Israelis but Americans and others.

“By allowing itself to be used to honor and glorify terrorist murderers in real time, Facebook serves as a platform for encouraging more terrorists and literally endangering lives, even if Facebook removes the terror supporting posts at a later date,” PMW said.