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PMW director interviewed about Israeli government's refusal to implement anti-"Pay-for-slay" law

Israel Kasnett  |

After brutal murder of teen, pressure mounts for Netanyahu to punish Palestinians over terror payments

While reports show that Israel is set to implement the landmark law that deducts funds to the Palestinian Authority over its terror payments within the next few weeks, not everyone is convinced. Many wonder why the government seems to be dragging its feet.


Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, went further, explaining to JNS why he believes the elections should act as a guarantee for implementation.

“With Netanyahu as Minister of Defense, he does not want Lieberman raising the issue … leading into elections that Netanyahu is transferring money to the P.A. for terrorists in violation of Israeli law,” Marcus said. “Lieberman will be looking for any way to attack Netanyahu from the right, and Netanyahu would be a fool to enable him on this issue. I expect implementation, even if the start is delayed by the paperwork in the Ministry of Defense initially.”

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