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Editor of PA daily calls expected Trump peace proposal a ‘Holocaust plan’

Times of Israel Staff  |

Editor of PA daily calls expected Trump peace proposal a ‘Holocaust plan’

Mahmoud Abu al-Haija says no coincidence that ongoing Middle East conference is being held in Warsaw, because US wants the city again turned ‘into an arena of a holocaust genocide’

The editor-in-chief of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the Palestinian Authority’s official daily,  has slammed US President Donald Trump’s soon-to-be-released peace proposal, saying it amounts to a “Holocaust” plan.

Mahmoud Abu al-Haija made the remark in a recent editorial he wrote about a US-Polish hosted conference on the Middle East in Warsaw that the Palestinians have boycotted.

“[The US administration] wants…to establish new alliances from the ‘Warsaw’ meeting for the sake of imaginary wars and creating a settlement for the Palestinian issue, by gaining official approval for the Zionist Trump plan as the basis for this settlement, which is nothing other than a ‘Holocaust’ plan for the most just issue in this era,” Abu Haija wrote.

“Perhaps it is not a coincidence that Warsaw will serve as the site for the convening of this conference [on] the American administration’s corrupt deal… It wishes to turn Warsaw — as the Nazis did — into an arena of a holocaust genocide against a small, oppressed, and tortured people, the Palestinian people,” he added.

Abu Haija’s piece was published Sunday, a few days before the start of the summit in the Polish capital on Wednesday, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Washington officials, Arab foreign ministers and European diplomats were attending.

Palestinian Media Watch, an independent Israeli watchdog that monitors official Palestinian outlets, translated and published a report about Abu Haija’s editorial on Wednesday.


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