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Fatah Revolutionary Council condemns US-led Bahrain conference, rejects unannounced US peace deal “that strives to eliminate our cause”

Headline: "The Fatah Revolutionary [Council]: Palestine is not for sale and Jerusalem is not up for negotiation – it demanded that everyone not participate in the Bahrain workshop"

"The Fatah Movement Revolutionary Council emphasized at the end of its meetings yesterday [June 12, 2019] its refusal to participate in the Bahrain conference (refers to US-led conference in late June 2019 focusing on economic aspects of US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan –Ed.), which is supposed to be held at the end of the month [June 2019] for the elimination of the Palestinian cause, and its support for the leadership in refusing to participate in this conference which is part of ‘the deal of the century’ (i.e., Trump's as yet unpublished Middle East peace plan) that strives to eliminate our cause.
Fatah Revolutionary Council Secretary Majed Al-Fatiani said at a press conference held at the end of the council's meetings: 'The Fatah Revolutionary [Council], as a motivating force of the struggle, is committed to leading the struggle to stop the great plot that is being woven against our people’…
He explained that 'The American administration has become a clear partner of the occupation… and any prosperity that comes under the auspices of this occupation is unacceptable.'
He said that 'The position of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and the [Fatah] Central Committee… is clear: No to the deal of disgrace and no to the Bahrain workshop; we have called on everyone who has announced that they are considering participating in this deal to refrain from doing so, as they are giving the American administration a green light to be an agent and mediator for the elimination of the Palestinian cause… We call on everyone to reject this workshop, and call on Bahrain to cancel it.'
Al-Fatiani said that ‘Palestine is not for sale and Jerusalem is not up for negotiation, and our national rights and sacrifice throughout our history are not up for negotiation. The Palestinian people is not too helpless to use its means in order to stop the great plot. The cover given to the occupation from here and there will push our Palestinian people to protect its rights by all means available to it, in order to defeat the occupation and the settlement.'
He called: …'The time has come for the Arab and Islamic voice to rise high. The shy statements of condemnation and support are no longer acceptable, as Palestine deserves that you implement what you agreed to, and that you not accept an agent that will appropriate your money and send crumbs here and there.

He called on the Arab states not to participate in the conference, and to act for its cancellation, and thanked all of the states, powers, political parties, and figures who have refused to participate in this conference…
He also said: 'The American administration's decisions are attempting to change the form of the occupation and perpetuate its control over the Palestinian lands. Israel is directly carrying out racial segregation and cleansing through the statements of the American settlement Ambassador [to Israel David] Friedman, and Friedman's words are clear proof of America’s goal to erase the name Palestine.'

He explained that the Revolutionary Council has a plan to deal with these challenges, and called on 'the Fatah members and the vital forces on the Palestinian lands to [dedicate] the 24th, 25th, and 26th [of June] to Palestine and Jerusalem, in order to express their rejection of the Bahrain Conference.'”

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