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PLO, PA condemn Moldova’s decision to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem, demand it be prevented from joining EU until “it revokes its illegal decision”

Headline: "A blatant violation and an attack against our people and international law – the PLO and [the PA Ministry of] Foreign Affairs condemn Moldova's decision to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem"

"PLO Executive Committee member [and head of the PLO Department of Diplomacy and Public Policy] Hanan Ashrawi emphasized that Moldova's illegal decision to transfer its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem is an attack against the Palestinian people and international law…

In a press release on behalf of the [PLO] Executive Committee, Ashrawi demanded that the European Union (EU) stop the process of Moldova's integration into the EU until it revokes its illegal decision… and adopts positions that are in accordance with international law and the EU's positions regarding the Palestinian cause.

She said that states that adopt illegal positions and implement illegal steps are considered partners in Israel's crimes, and bear political and legal responsibility for these violations, and they should be treated accordingly.

The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates also strongly condemned Moldavian Prime Minister Pavel Filip’s decision to transfer the embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem – and this moments before the fall of his government – and considered this a blatant violation of international law…

The ministry explained in a statement: 'Filip has sold his country's position to the US and Israel with this step, exploiting the political uncertainty prevalent in his country… and implicated his country in the violation of international law and legitimacy in order to remain in power, or in order to gain American and Israeli support.'

At the end of its statement [the Ministry of Foreign Affairs] emphasized that the State of Palestine will not allow this decision to be implemented, will monitor all of its developments and act in coordination with the new government in Moldova in order to thwart this reckless and illegal decision, and will assist Moldova in fulfilling its obligation to international law and not being dragged after false promises by the occupation state or ineffective American extortion."