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41% of residents of Gaza and the West Bank are refugees

Headline: "41% of Palestine's residents are refugees"

“The rate of refugee residents is approximately 41% of all of the residents living in the State of Palestine according to the data recorded last year [2018]. Of the residents of the West Bank, 26% are refugees, while their rate in the Gaza Strip is 64%.

The [Palestinian] Central Bureau of Statistics explained yesterday [June 20, 2019] in a report for International Refugee Day, which falls on June 20 every year, that in general there are no significant differences between the demographic and social data of the refugees and those that are not refugees, aside from the levels of poverty and unemployment due to logical reasons, as two thirds of the Gaza Strip are refugees…

According to the data of a 2018 work force survey, the rate of illiteracy among the Palestinian refugees 15 and older was 2.5%, compared to 3% among the non-refugees. Likewise, the rate of Palestinian refugees 15 and older who have a B.A. was approximately 16% of all the refugees 15 and older, compared to 14% among the non-refugees…

According to the data of the 2018 survey of social and financial conditions, 86% of the Palestinian refugees aged 18 and older have a cell phone or smart phone in Palestine, at a rate of 91% in the West Bank and 83% in the Gaza Strip."

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