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PA TV host: Israel\Jews created hatred between Muslims and Christians to strengthen its presence; Lebanese Mufti: Israel cause of Arab terror, but Mufti advocates co-existence

Official PA TV program From Beirut, on Palestinian Saber Murad’s actions to thwart a shooting attack in Tripoli on June 3, 2019; hosting Mufti of Tripoli and Northern Lebanon Sheikh Malek Al-Shaar

Mufti of Tripoli and Northern Lebanon Sheikh Malek Al-Shaar: “We in our religious law– I do not know how the source of hatred between the Muslims and Christians was created, even though Prophet [Muhammad], prayers and peace be upon him-”

Official PA TV host: “There are those who created it from among the Muslims, and also from among the Christians, Honorable Sheikh. There is one who created it in order to strengthen its presence, and that is the Israeli occupation.”

Sheikh Malek Al-Shaar: “The Israeli occupation is the cause of the development of terror in the Arab world. This is true – I will come back to this. But it did not create- it is not the cause [but] perhaps they – the Jews or global Zionism – are the ones doing something such as causing disagreement between the Muslims and Christians – true. But among the Muslims, a force resisting being dragged into sectarian civil war has been created.”

Host: “There is also, Honorable Sheikh, recognition of a Palestinian state by Vatican Pope Francis, and him calling His Honor [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas ‘the brave man of peace.’ Don’t you think that the Arab and Islamic embrace of the Christians keeps the Israeli occupation awake at night?”

Sheikh Malek Al-Shaar: “The Jews have a religion and a [prophetic] mission. At the moment there are arguments between us as they have attacked our country [Lebanon]. However, this issue demands a solution based on the thinking and culture of coexistence [in Palestine], and on neither side being able to negate the other, like us Muslims and Christians in Lebanon – we have become accustomed to Lebanon having its Muslim and Christian sectors.”