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PLO accuses Israel of neglecting Palestinian prisoners’ medical care “in order to kill them slowly”

Headline: "Cancer gnaws at the body of prisoner Abu Diak"

"The [PLO] Commission of Prisoners' Affairs warned yesterday [June 30, 2019] against the grave state of health of prisoner Sami Ahed Abu Diak, who is in what is called the Ramle Prison Infirmary and is currently in a difficult and worrisome state of health due to the fact that the [Israeli] Prison Service is not giving him the necessary treatments.

In a statement, the commission explained that prisoner Abu Diak's state of health is deteriorating from day to day, as the cancerous growth is beginning to spread through all parts of his body…

It noted that prisoner Abu Diak is a victim of the violations and medical crime that the occupation’s Prison Service is deliberately committing against hundreds of sick prisoners, in order to kill them slowly.

The Commission of Prisoners' Affairs explained that prisoner Abu Diak was the victim of a medical mistake a number of years ago: In September 2015 he underwent an operation of the intestines in the Israeli Soroka Hospital in which they removed more than 80% of his intestines, and afterwards he was stricken with a poisoning of his body and kidney and lung failure. As a result of the medical neglect that the occupation committed against him, he also became ill with cancer [that is now] in advanced stages. From that time, his state of health has been constantly deteriorating, and this is due to not being given real treatment, and disregard for his life.

It should be noted that prisoner Abu Diak (37) from the town of Silat Al-Dhar, south of Jenin, has been imprisoned since 2002 and was sentenced to 3 life sentences and an additional 30 years."

Sami Ahed Abu Diak - Palestinian prisoner arrested in 2002 and serving 3 life sentences and an additional 30 years. PMW has been unable to determine the details of his crimes.