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Fatah in Lebanon meets with Hezbollah delegation

Headline: “Fatah’s leadership at the Al-Kharroub branch received a delegation from Hezbollah”

“Secretary of the Fatah Movement’s Al-Kharroub branch Issam Kurum and members of the branch’s leadership received a delegation from the Hezbollah leadership in Wadi Al-Zeina today, Thursday, June 27, 2019, at the branch’s Club of Return headquarters. The delegation included the imam of the village of Jadra in Wadi Al-Zeina Sheikh Muhammad Bishkar, and Head of Hezbollah’s Wadi Al-Zeina branch Abdallah Muhammad, along with a number of [Hezbollah] party members…

Issam Kurum explained that the Palestinian leadership, led by [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas, has stood and will continue to stand determinedly against all of the projects and plots, whose goal is to eliminate the Palestinian right to establish our independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem and the return of the refugees.

He discussed the position of the leadership that rejects all of the American dictates, and emphasized that ‘Palestine is not for sale.’

The participants also saluted all those who participated in the mass sit-in strike that was held in Wadi Al-Zeina, and to all the sit-in strikes that were held in the Lebanese and Arab arena in order to thwart all of the deals (apparently refers to protests against a US-led conference in Bahrain in June 2019 focusing on economic aspects of US President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan –Ed.). They emphasized the need to work to encourage the public activity whose compass will be Palestine, and to make contact with the public bases in order to gather all of the energies against the Zionist-American plots against our national cause and project.”