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Statistics on Palestinian refugees and Palestinian economy: 41% of residents in PA areas are refugees

Official PA TV program Topic of the Day, on Palestinian refugees


Text on screen: “Six million refugees are registered with UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) in Palestine and the diaspora in 2018, and thus they constitute approximately half of the Palestinians in the world, whose number is approximately 13 million people

A division of the percentages of Palestinian refugees by country of residence:

Lebanon 8.7%, Jordan 38.6%, Syria 10.5%, the State of Palestine 42.2%

The number of official Palestinian refugee camps that UNRWA recognizes by country of residence:

Gaza Strip: 8, West Bank: 10, Syria: 9, Jordan: 10, Lebanon: 12

The percentage of refugees in the West Bank is estimated at 17% of the total refugees registered with UNRWA, as opposed to 25% in the Gaza Strip

Approximately 64% of all of the residents of the Gaza Strip are refugees

The percentage of refugees among the total number of residents of the State of Palestine is approximately 41%

7% of the Palestinian refugees suffer from at least one problem with movement or vision

The poverty rate among the refugees reached 39% during 2017 according to the monthly patterns of consumption

The average [rate] of unemployment among the refugees in the West Bank has reached 19%, as opposed to approximately 54% of the Gaza Strip refugees

Regarding the reality of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, the average [rate] of unemployment has reached nearly 18% of participants in the workforce

The economic indexes between 2017-2018:

The average gross national product growth in Palestine dropped in 2018 to 0.9% as compared to 3% in 2017

The Gaza Strip’s percentage in the gross national product dropped to 20% in 2018, after the Gaza Strip’s portion was approximately 39% in 2005

In 2018 there was an increase in the average [rate] of unemployment in Palestine, which reached 31% compared to 29% in 2017

In all of the financial activities in the Gaza Strip there was a decrease in the number of workers

The average [rate] of unemployment in the West Bank dropped to 18% in 2018 after being at 19% in 2017

A drop in the external support for the [PA] budget at a rate of 5%, with the external support for the budget reaching $517 million after standing at $545 million in 2017”

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