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Fatah secretary in Poland: “The balance of powers that will allow us to realize the right of return is the same balance of powers that will force Israel to abandon the Zionist ideology”

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“The daily message
The right of return

Why do the Palestinians adhere to realizing the right of return, and why is this right at the top of our national rights?
There is nothing that summarizes all of the details of the Palestinian cause and its justice like the right of return. It is the opposite of the Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel), the uprooting, and the defeat; it is an absolute negation of the Zionist narrative, which insists on denying our people’s existence; and above all it is an expression of the Palestinians’ eternal connection to the their homeland of Palestine, in addition to being in accordance with the decisions of the international institutions, which have determined that its implementation is a condition for accepting Israel’s membership in the UN.
We will not despair or rescind the demand to realize this right, to whose cancellation the American administration and Israel are devoting all of their energies. This is because they know well the strategic threat that the refugee issue constitutes for Israel as we know it today and as they want to strengthen its existence…

The realization of the right of return is the victory of justice and overcoming the historical injustice that was caused to our people due to the Nakba. It is also an expression of the loyalty to the states that are hosting [the refugees] and of the objection to settling them there – and this is due to the threat inherent in this, not only to the Palestinians’ connection to their homeland, but also to the delicate internal social fabric of these states.
Those observing from the side are likely to wonder if there is a possibility of realizing this right in the shadow of the current balance of powers. The answer to this question is simple: It is impossible. However, the adherence to the right of return is the Palestinian recipe for adhering to Palestine as the Palestinian people’s homeland, and this is the opposite of Israel’s Jewishness.
We understand that the balance of powers that will allow us to realize the right of return is the same balance of powers that will force Israel to abandon the Zionist ideology. Only then will the talk about peace become realistic.
The right of return is the opposite of the Zionist project.
July 3, 2019
Secretary of Fatah’s Poland Branch Dr. Khalil Nazzal”

The picture shows a wall covered in graffiti, including a drawing of three children holding a large key symbolizing “the right of return” of the Palestinian refugees.

Text on wall: “The right of return is sacred”