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PLO summer camp teaches children to burn US flag and pictures of Trump

Wujoud Summer Camp Manager Ihsan Hattab: "The summer camp is under the auspices of the [PLO] Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, and is being run by the [Wujoud] Association for Autistic Children and Children with Learning Disabilities. The camp is hosting 100 healthy children and also 25 children from the association aged 13 to 15… The general goal of the summer camp is education and national awareness…"

Summer camp participant Yaman: "Yesterday [July 2, 2019] was our first day at this summer camp. We spoke a bit about the deal of the century, and today pictures of Trump and the American flag were ripped and burned. I, as a Palestinian child, and all of the children of Palestine, oppose this deal. The home is ours, Jerusalem is ours!"
(Note: picture of Trump on the floor)
[Facebook page of the PLO Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, July 3, 2019]
“The deal of the century” refers to US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan, yet unpublished when this video was filmed.