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PA TV kids' host: All of Israel is "occupied"

PA TV kids' TV host, Walaa:
     "Soon, if it works out, we will be among you [Israeli Arabs] in the 1948 territories (i.e., Israel) the occupied territories. Our friends from the 1948 territories - the occupied territories - they write wanting us [to broadcast] there with them. Many of them have come here, trying to be friends [of the program] and they are truly dear friends and regular [viewers]. There are also [some] from Lod (Israeli city) and also Ahmad from Nazareth (Israeli city) and there are so many. There's Adnan from Be'er Sheva (Israeli city). Dear [Israeli Arab] children: We will definitely always remain in contact with you, because you have the right, and this program is definitely yours too, just as it belongs to every Palestinian child, since you [Israeli Arabs] are part of occupied Palestine."

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