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Al-Quds Open University holds celebration of prisoners’ education program, under Abbas’ auspices; Over 1000 prisoners registered in academic program

Headline: "Al-Quds Open University"

"Al-Quds Open University and the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners' Affairs celebrated the conclusion of the studies of the first class in the education program for prisoners in Israeli prisons on Wednesday, July 24, 2019. This was under the auspices of His Honor [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas and under the supervision of the Ministry for Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The ceremony, which was held at the Hebron branch, closes the events of the conclusion of studies of the 22nd [Al-Quds Open University] class, the Willpower and Resolve class. Thirty-one prisoners [in Hebron] finished their studies, and on Monday 62 prisoners in Nablus finished their studies…

District Governor of Hebron Jabrin Al-Bakri said in a speech he gave on behalf of His Honor President Mahmoud Abbas: 'It is an honor for me to convey to you the blessings of His Honor the President today.'

He added: 'We will succeed in completing our national project, and will thwart all the plots that target our Palestinian people. The prisoners are one of the national principles, and their rights cannot be ignored. There will be no security or stability in the region until they are released from the occupation's prison.'

Director of the Commission of Prisoners' Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr… noted that 1,026 out of 5,700 prisoners in the occupation's prison are currently registered in the education program to complete their first degree. He noted that Al-Quds Open University leads the universities that have prisoners registered with them, as it currently has 906 prisoners registered. He noted that 497 male and female prisoners will soon be taking the high school matriculation exams and wished them success."

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