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Fatah and PLO delegation meet with Hezbollah: “'Together we will thwart the American and Zionist deal of the century”

Headline: "A delegation from the Fatah Movement leadership and PLO factions in the Tyre region visited Hezbollah in order to wish it a happy Eid Al-Fitr"

"For Eid Al-Fitr (i.e., Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan) and in the framework of the Lebanese-Palestinian relations, a PLO factions delegation led by Secretary of the Factions in the Tyre Region and Commander of the Organizational and Military Branch of the Fatah Movement in Tyre Tawfiq Al-Abdallah, and accompanied by head of political relations Jalal Abu Shihab and Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF) political bureau member Tamer Aziz… met with Hezbollah’s top commander in the region Abdallah Nasser, [Lebanese] Parliament Member Hussein Al-Jishi, head of relations Khalil Al-Hussein, his deputy Abu Wael Zalzali, and top officials of the party.

At the beginning, Abdallah [Nasser] welcomed the delegation and emphasized Hezbollah's support for the Palestinian right to recover their land and homeland from the invading Zionists.

Afterwards, PPSF political bureau member Tamer Aziz spoke, saying: 'The connection with Hezbollah is a strategic, stable, and good connection.'

After him, Tawfiq Al-Abdallah spoke and blessed the brothers in Hezbollah and the Lebanese people for Eid Al-Fitr, and also blessed the connection of brotherhood between Hezbollah and Fatah and the Palestinian factions.

Al-Abdallah condemned the terror operation that took place in Tripoli against the Lebanese army and the death as Martyrs of four soldiers (i.e., a shooting attack on June 3, 2019), and also the killing of the Egyptian soldiers [in Sinai on June 5, 2019], and emphasized that these criminal operations target the Palestinian cause in general.

He added: 'Together we will thwart the American and Zionist deal of the century (refers to US President Donald Trump's as yet unpublished Middle East peace plan -Ed.). Long live the unity between the [Palestinian] and Lebanese peoples, and long live the resistance that refuses to break or succumb.'"

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