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Jenin governor welcomes booklet written by Palestinian students, promoted by PA Education Ministry, which excessively praises Abbas

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |

Headline: “The Jenin governor welcomes the students’ initiative Our President – A Role-Model For Us”

“Jenin [District] Governor Maj. Gen. Akram Al-Rajoub welcomed the campaign of the initiative Our President – A Role-Model For Us (i.e., a booklet on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ writings, which has been criticized for excessively praising Abbas) in his office yesterday [July 17, 2019], which was launched by the [PA] Ministry of Education as part of the initiative We Are Learning For Palestine that was prepared by a group of female students from the new El-Bireh [High] School for Girls.

The coordinator of the campaign, teacher Arij Ataya, indicated that the initiative aspires to develop the female students’ special skills in researching and documenting topics that highlight the national identity, and in inculcating the history of the Palestinian revolution, which receives inspiration from [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas’ speeches and views.

She added that the [initiative’s] goal has served and deepened the national educational goals, starting with the schools whose role includes… raising the level of awareness among the coming Palestinian generations regarding their causes, which they did not themselves experience. She emphasized: ‘We began the campaign in the Jenin district in order to present it, so that it would encompass the rest of the homeland’s districts.’ [Akram] Al-Rajoub praised the [PA] Ministry [of Education’s] role regarding the initiative…

He added: ‘This is a reality that President Mahmoud Abbas documented and wrote, and he expressed his understanding of and knowledge about the Zionist movement and what is happening in the land of Palestine. All those who oppose this booklet should do a meticulous internal inspection because what is in the book strengthens our national culture, and those who attack it clearly did not read it…’

The booklet Our President – A Role-Model For Us includes a collection of memories, thoughts, and research that President Mahmoud Abbas wrote, which has no contradictions of his thought or his political commentary, and includes positions and ideas regarding a number of issues connected to the Palestinian people that he presented to the coming Palestinian generations.”