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Israel, US demonized in PA daily op-ed: “Zionism itself is antisemitic,“ Israel is based on “a fabricated and false narrative”; US administration is full of “evil, arrogance, racism, and organized terror”

Excerpt of op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: "United for war"

"On July 8 [2019] a group gathered that calls itself by a name that contradicts the values, spirit, and instructions of the Lord Messiah [Jesus], peace be upon him… – and it is the extremist racist missionary organization Christians United for Israel – in its annual conference in the American capital… The five top officials of the administration stood at the conference’s podium, and they are: [US] Vice President Mike Pence, [US] Secretary of State John (sic., Mike) Pompeo, [US] National Security Advisor John Bolton, [US] Presidential Advisor Jason Greenblatt, and American Ambassador [to Israel] and the acting leader of the Zionist colonialists David Friedman. In other words, the administration staff that is completely integrated with the Zionist enterprise.

The speeches of the American administration representatives contained hostile positions towards the Palestinian people and its leadership… and added oil to the flames of the crazy incitement campaigns of the administration's staff against the rights, interests, and aspirations of the Palestinians, and also against the peace process… Their positions united with Israel’s spirit of war, organized crime, and state terror and denied the definitive facts when they reversed the situations and held the Palestinian leadership responsible for 'thwarting the peace process'… They cleared the Israeli colonialism state and its rogue and law-breaking government of all blame…

The senior officials of [US President Donald] Trump’ administration… did not content themselves with the aforementioned, but rather even crossed the line in their insolence when they declared… that 'Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism.' This is a dangerous statement, and is incompatible with the foundations of any peace process as Zionism itself is antisemitic and has nothing in common with Semitism, but rather is a reactionary and racist movement that is opposed to peace. Or do we need to remind the administration of the UN resolution that considers Zionism a reactionary movement. Therefore, any connection between Zionism and Semitism is an injustice and reflects a lack and fault in political, ethical, and cultural vision by the representatives of the ruling administration in Washington.

The matter did not end here, but rather Mike Pence said in his speech something that reflects the arrogance of the American policy and erased any difference between [the US] and the Israeli colonialism state. He openly declared the Evangelist–Zionist identification and integration when he said: 'We stand with Israel as its values are our values, its battle is our battle… and because we stand with good against evil, with freedom against the tyrants.' And after all that, what difference remains between the Evangelical administration that is sick with fables and false beliefs and the gang of Zionists who are stealing the Palestinian land? Are there any greater tyrants in the world than the colonialist rogue state that is based on a fabricated and false narrative, which is doing as it wishes with the Palestinian Arab people’s rights and interests? And are there any greater tyrants in all of humanity than the American administration that is full of evil, arrogance, racism, and organized terror, which is the administration of Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Friedman, Greenblatt, and [US Presidential Advisor Jared] Kushner? And what freedom is crazy Pence talking about? And what are Israel's values, aside from the values of theft and robbery; colonialism; distorting the facts, history, and instructions of the world and religions; and spreading fabricated and tasteless fables that create nothing but a faulty, false, and deceptive awareness?

The Christians United for Israel organization’s conference is a conference for war, strife, and terror, and the entire world must wake up from its slumber and restore the international values to their rightful place… because the Trump administration is doing as it wishes in America and with the American people… and therefore everyone – and primarily the 'deep state' in the US – must defend first themselves, and afterwards the Palestinian people and peace in the land of peace… Will humanity awaken from its slumber and stop the policy of turning a blind eye to the changes taking place because of the false beliefs and delusions of an administration that is igniting the tendencies of war and anarchy in the world?"