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Jpost: Tweet by PMW's head of legal strategies quoted in article on appointment of Arab-Israeli as chairman of Bank Leumi

Rebecca Araten   |

First Arab-Israeli Appointed Chairman Of Bank Leumi

Dr. Samer Haj Yehia has made history as the first Arab-Israeli to be appointed chairman of Bank Leumi, Israel’s oldest banking corporation. The decision is dependent on the approval of the Bank of Israel’s Banking Supervision Department, according to a statement from the bank.


Some leaders have used Haj Yehia’s appointment as a means of disputing claims that Israel is an apartheid state. “In another blow to the BDS movement and its claim that Israel is an Apartheid state, Israeli Arab Dr. Samer Haj Yihye was just elected as Chairman of the Board of Bank Leumi. How many black South Africans held similar positions in Apartheid South Africa?” tweeted Maurice Hirsch, head of legal strategies for Palestinian Media Watch.