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US special envoy is “the devil’s advocate” and wishes to “reign in Hell”, says PA daily editorial

Editorial by the official PA daily


Headline: “The devil’s advocate”

“We are unable to look at [US Special Envoy] Jason Greenblatt anymore after today, but he is the lawyer who insists on being ‘the devil’s advocate’ in his behavior, his underhanded ways, his tricks, and his policy that is based on the principle ‘Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven,’ as was stated in the epic Paradise Lost by English poet John Milton…

Greenblatt, when he defends the Israeli colonialist settlement, conspires against the international decisions, and attempts to change their values and meanings… turns the occupied land, for example, into disputed territory (!) [parentheses in source], while turning the murderer into a victim (!) [parentheses in source] with racist arguments. This Greenblatt, with such behavior and with such a policy, wants nothing other than to reign in Hell like his [US] President Donald Trump and his counterpart [US Presidential Advisor] Jared Kushner – because serving in Heaven is a service of moral and humane enjoyment, and this is not appropriate for the devil’s advocate under any circumstances! […]

Regarding our Palestinian people, the true Hell is the Hell of the Israeli occupation and the American policy that no longer is just completely biased in favor of the racist and extremist Israeli right-wing, but rather has become completely Zionist together with President Trump’s administration!”