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PA TV accuses Jews of “invading” grave of prophet Jonah: “They have no right at this grave compound”

Official PA TV program Graves of Holy People, on the tomb of the Biblical Prophet Jonah in Halhoul near Hebron


Official PA TV narrator: The greatest danger threatening the mosque [built over the tomb of Jonah] and the compound of the holy person’s grave in our times is the recurring visits of the settlers who mock [the site]. For they invade the mosque with no regard for its sanctity, in order to hold their prayers in the front part of the compound of the holy person’s grave.”


Director of the North Hebron Directorate of Religion’s Preaching and Guidance Department Sheikh Majdi Mansour: “Unfortunately, this mosque is also being subjected to a lot of- a number of times to the settlers’ attacks, because the Jews claim that they have a grave of a holy person at this site, and that is not true. They have no right at this grave compound.”

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