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EU signs agreement funding PA education for 22 million euros, has funded 150 million euros since 2010

Headline: "The [PA] government signs an agreement with European Union states worth 22 million euros to support education"

"The [PA] government signed a third stage support agreement of the Joint Financing Agreement (JFA III) worth 22 million euros yesterday [July 2, 2019] with the Joint Financing Coordination Center in the field of education.

The agreement was signed by [PA] Minister of Finance [and Planning] Shukri Bishara and [PA] Minister of Education Marwan Awratani from the Palestinian side, and Representative of Ireland in Palestine Jonathan Conlon, Representative of Finland in Palestine Anna-Kaisa Heikkinen, Deputy Representative of Norway in Palestine Unni Rambøll, and Director of the German Development Bank in Palestine [KfW] Jonas Blume from the donor side.

According to a government statement, [PA] Prime Minister [Muhammad Shtayyeh] said: ‘I thank the partners from the European Union, Finland, Ireland, Norway, and Germany for this joint financing worth 22 million euros, which completes the funding from these states, so that the amount since 2010 is approximately 150 million euros.’"