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PA lies, but video tells the truth

1. Security footage of terror attack

2. PA TV lies, says terrorists were "executed" on a "pretext":

Official PA TV News, on Israel holding the body of dead terrorist Nassim Abu Roumi who stabbed an Israeli policeman together with another terrorist

Official PA TV newsreader: "The occupation authorities are continuing to hold the body of child Martyr Nassim Mukafih Abu Roumi (i.e., terrorist, stabbed and wounded 1), while the arrest of young Hamouda Al-Sheikh from the town of Al-Eizariya east of occupied Jerusalem continues (i.e., Abu Roumi's accomplice, later died of his wounds). The occupation police shot them next to the Chain Gate [of the Temple Mount]."

Official PA TV reporter: “The child victims of the occupation this time – one of them died as a Martyr and the second is wounded. Here in Al-Eizariya, this is how the house of Martyr Nassim Mukafih Abu Roumi, 14, looks… The Martyr’s mother is collapsing, and his father has accused the occupation of executing his son.”

Mukafih Abu Roumi, father of Nassim Abu Roumi: "They could have overpowered them in the first moment, because the army is trained. Seven soldiers came, lay them on the ground, and shot them several times - a summary execution that the Israeli forces commit against our children within Jerusalem (sic., security camera footage shows the terrorists surprised Israeli policemen and stabbed one as the others opened fire in self-defense to stop them).”

Reporter: “In occupied Jerusalem, the people of Jerusalem are holding Friday prayers in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque plaza, while the occupation police is not imposing limitations on the entry of worshippers as it did on Thursday evening [Aug. 15, 2019] (i.e., in response to the attack). Al-Aqsa Mosque [Waqf] guard Imran Al-Rajabi – who was wounded during the shooting of the two children on the pretext of a stabbing – is still lying on a sick bed in the Al-Makassed Hospital.”

[Official PA TV News, Aug. 16, 2019]

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