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Op-ed in PA daily demonizes Israeli settlers and “the Israeli army of death”, refers to terror attack in which 1 was killed as “self-sacrificing operation”

Excerpt of op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: "Lessons from the Dolev operation"

"The Zionist colonialist settlement [movement] is not willing to live together with the Palestinian people. It (i.e., the Zionist settlement movement) was and remains a grave danger, an evil, and a plague, unacceptable and cursed in all of the languages, dialects, norms, human laws, and Islamic and Christian religious laws. It also constitutes a tool to ignite violence, terror, and destruction, and will never constitute a source of security or calm for the Zionist state or the Palestinian state, nor of stability, growth, and development for the region as a whole.

What was written above is connected to what happened yesterday morning [Aug. 23, 2019], when a Palestinian threw a bomb at a group of settlers (sic., the family was from the Israeli town of Lod) next to the settlement of Dolev next to Ein Buvin (i.e., Danny Spring), or as the Israeli security sources noted, an improvised explosive device was planted on the path to the spring (refers to terror attack, 1 murdered; see note below –Ed.). It does not matter how the self-sacrificing operation occurred – the result was the killing of a female settler of Israel and the serious wounding of her father and brother. This prompted responses by Israeli security and political parties who called to hold an urgent security meeting led by the [Israeli] head of the interim government [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu].

The extremist fascists such as [Israeli MP] Betzalel Smotrich expressed fascist opinions that contradict the most basic criteria for human rights, are not consistent with the option of peace and coexistence, and throw oil on the fire burning under the sand of the Palestinian street. They also spread checkpoints of the Israeli army of death and organized crime around the Ramallah and El-Bireh district from the north and west, carried out widespread search operations, and attacked the civilians while searching for the person or people who carried out the operation in order to arrest them. However, if they succeed in doing so, will this end the conflict?"

Dolev attack – 17-year-old Rina Shnerb was murdered, and her father and brother wounded, when when Palestinian terrorists used a remote detonator to activate a bomb next to them as they visited the Danny Spring near the town of Dolev north of Ramallah on Aug. 23, 2019. Three terrorists who committed the attack were caught on Aug. 26, 2019.