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Guest on PA TV: Palestine belongs to “the pan-Arab nationalism,” not to Jews, Christians or Muslims as religions

Official PA TV program From Cairo, on the need to travel to “Palestine,” hosting Islamic affairs lecturer Dr. Ahmed Karim

Islamic affairs lecturer Dr. Ahmed Karim: “I had the honor of being invited by the director of ceremonies of the honorable Palestinian embassy in Cairo to a meeting with His Honor [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas]. I met with him and he presented me with this question [of whether one should visit the occupied territories, and especially Jerusalem], and I spoke about the legitimacy of visiting. Afterwards, I liked what His Honor the president said – who, by the way, has a broad perspective and an extensive education, and these are not mere compliments.”

Official PA TV host: “And he knows the noble Quran by heart.”

Ahmed Karim: “Completely. And he said a sentence to me that I put into my research afterwards. He said that visiting a prisoner is not acceptance of the prison guard. I told him: ‘Well said.’ My visit to my brothers is in our land, Arab Palestine – and I will repeat this and hope that they will not portray this in a certain way – it does not belong to the Jews, Christians, or Muslims as religions. It belongs to the pan-Arab nationalism.”