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Palestinian fashion designer: Israel steals the Palestinian heritage and culture

Official PA TV program These Women


Palestinian fashion designer Salwa Othman Al-Khaledi: "I have heard many stories about the Israelis stealing our heritage. I was very sad; in other words, I became sad inside over how they are stealing. So we need to fight this theft. How will we fight it? We will spread [our heritage], pass it on to our sons and their sons, to our daughters and their daughters. In this way it will spread and become better known. The states of the world will not think it belongs to Israel, but rather that it belongs to the Palestinians. I was really sad for instance when I saw an Israeli woman wearing a Palestinian garment, a flight attendant wearing a Palestinian garment. They say that this is their heritage? How is it their heritage? We are from the time of the forefathers. These garments are from 100 years ago and more… (clothing is shown from the period when Israel was established –Ed.) We are the owners of the land. We are the owners of the identity and culture. This culture belongs to the Palestinians. How [dare] they steal it?"