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Fatah and PLO official leads delegation to Syria; “The US and Israel have created internal wars” in Arab states, “in order to destroy the Arab capabilities.’”

Al-Watan, newspaper (Syria)  |

Headline: "We have thwarted the 'Bahrain workshop,' and the entry of Arabs into Palestine through the Israeli gate is treason – Al-Ahmad to Al-Watan: 'We are satisfied by Syria's recovery, and it could be “more power” for our cause’"

"Head of the PLO Executive Committee Arab and National Department [and Fatah Central Committee member] Azzam Al-Ahmad expressed the PA's satisfaction ‘with the fact that Syria has begun to recover,' as this gives 'more power' to the Palestinian cause and 'will affect the Arab reality in general'…

Al-Ahmad, who is currently visiting Damascus leading a PLO delegation, said in a long interview with [the Syrian newspaper] Al-Watan: 'Palestine's history is connected to Syria's history. The modern Palestinian revolution and its first nucleus, the Fatah Movement, were established in Syria, in order to prepare for the beginning of the armed struggle, and to continue this struggle to end the Israeli occupation and restore the Palestinian people’s legitimate national rights.'

Al-Ahmad explained that since the beginning of the conspiracy against Syria and threat to its unity more than eight years ago, [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas has been in personal contact with the Syrian leadership in order to stop the conspiracy against Syria…

He said: 'The destruction of Syria means the destruction of Palestine and all of the states of the Arab east around it and bordering it, and therefore the contact has become more and more intensive.' 

Al-Ahmad added that the visits of senior Palestinian officials to Damascus were not stopped, according to a decision by President Abbas and the PLO Executive Committee, in order to meet with the Syrian leadership as part of the coordination between the two sides.He noted that the connection might be daily…

Al-Ahmad said that President Abbas has wanted to visit Damascus for a long time, 'but the burden of events, which everyone sees, is the reason for the delay.' He noted that 'President Abbas is in contact with [Syrian] President Bashar Assad,' and added: 'Expect a visit, and Allah willing it will be as soon as possible. There is nothing but the burden of events preventing it.' 

Al-Ahmad said that the so-called 'deal of the century' (i.e., US President Donald Trump's as yet unpublished Middle East peace plan) is one of the central matters at the current time, and that 'We are working together with Syria and all of our brothers who feel this danger' in order to fight it and thwart it. He added: 'However, unfortunately, the official Arab system is hesitating, and the US and Israel have created internal wars in a number of Arab states, Syria among them, in order to destroy the Arab capabilities under the slogan of "the Arab Spring."' 

He said: 'An Arab who harms Palestine does not support his country; a Bahraini who does not support Palestine does not support Bahrain; and a Saudi Arabian who does not support Palestine does not love his country. This is true about all of the Arab states. We have seen how the Palestinians in Jerusalem refused to see an Arab robe that entered through the Israeli gate’ (apparently refers to a Saudi Arabian blogger who was attacked while visiting Jerusalem as part of an Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs delegation; see note below –Ed.). Al-Ahmad emphasized that 'It is correct to enter Palestine through the Palestinian gate, but [entering through] the Israeli gate is treason against Palestine.'"

Azzam Al-Ahmad also holds the following positions: PLO Executive Committee member, head of the PLO Department of Arab and Parliamentary Affairs, Fatah Commissioner of National Relations (i.e., between Hamas and Fatah), and Fatah Commissioner for Relations with Lebanon.

Saudi Arabian blogger Muhammad Saud was attacked by Palestinians on the Temple Mount and in the Old City of Jerusalem in July 2019 for visiting Israel as part of an Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs delegation – chairs were thrown at him, and he was called a "Zionist" and "garbage" and told "Go pray in a synagogue, not at the Al-Aqsa Mosque."