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PA Mufti blesses all prisoners and prays for their freedom

Official PA TV program Religious Rulings, with PA Mufti and Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council Chairman Muhammad Hussein

Official PA TV host: "Who is with us now? Abu Muhammad. Go ahead, my brother.

Prisoner Abu Muhammad: "Hello, greetings to you."

Host and PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein: "Greetings and Allah's mercy and blessings to you."

Host: "Go ahead."

Abu Muhammad: "Happy holidays."

Host: “Happy holidays to you!”

Muhammad Hussein: “Happy holidays to you!”

Abu Muhammad: “Allah willing, we are speaking from inside the prison and we want the Sheikh-”

Muhammad Hussein: "May our Blessed and Supreme God free you."

Abu Muhammad: "We want the Sheikh's prayers in Ramadan that our God will redeem and free us, Allah willing."


Muhammad Hussein: "We will not forget them, by Allah."

Host: "-he wants only prayers."

Muhammad Hussein: "No, only prayers. No, we will not forget them, our brothers and beloved ones who are in prison. We ask that Blessed and Supreme Allah free all of them, and that we will see them – Allah willing – on the land of the homeland among their families and communities, while healthy and happy, Allah willing. We ask that Blessed and Supreme Allah free them. We truly do not forget them in our prayers, in our supplications, and in our sermons in all situations. We have an obligation to them, as they are brothers who essentially sacrificed their freedom for the freedom of the citizen and the homeland. All of the blessings to them and happy holidays. We ask of Blessed and Supreme Allah salvation for you all soon."


Muhammad Hussein also holds the positions of Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council Chairman, and Deputy Secretary-General and acting Secretary-General of the PLO Popular National Conference of Jerusalem.

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