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Fatah responds to tweet by US envoy criticizing its actions against mayor who invited settlers to a family wedding: “We will not agree to any kind of normalization with settlements”

Image and Arabic and English text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

The image shows a tweet by US Envoy Jason Greenblatt linking to a Jerusalem Post article on the PA punishing the Deir Qaddis Village Council head after Jews attended his son’s wedding, including a picture of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian leaders.

Text in tweet by US Envoy Jason Greenblatt: "Fatah spoils another opportunity for co-existence & what could/should be the norm. Peace can't be built on current foundation maintained by Fatah. In order to achieve peace, many issues must be addressed, including this. Co-existence should be encouraged."

Headline of linked article: "Fatah expels mayor for 'inviting' settlers to son's wedding"

Fatah's posted text in response to Greeblatt's tweet (as posted in English): "Mr. Greenblatt knows that Fatah is in contact with various sectors of Israeli society and is keen to establish close relations with the forces supporting the two-state solution and the principle of coexistence between the two peoples.
As for the settlers, they are in our illegally occupied land and therefore can not coexist with them because that means recognizing the legitimacy of the settlement, which is rejected by our people and rejected by most of the world.
Mr. Greenblatt: we recommend that you return to UN resolutions that prohibit any kind of dealing with Israeli settlements. We in Fatah are committed to these decisions, so we will not agree to any kind of normalization with settlements.