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Yasser Arafat coordinated Hamas and PA terror, says Hamas founder Hassan Yousef

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |

Al-Aqsa TV, A Story From History

Hamas founder Hassan Yousef: "We were in contact with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (Hamas founder and leader), regular daily contact with Sheikh Yassin’s office. And for your information, at the time my office was the [Hamas] Movement’s gateway to the PA. 
Yasser Arafat was here in Ramallah, and did not leave, to the point that everything that the [Hamas] movement wanted I would convey [to Arafat], and we would sit and reach understandings, and discuss and talk among ourselves. For instance, Yasser Arafat would say to us: ‘At this stage we want to calm things,’ and we would calm them. 
There was mutual agreement. [Arafat would say]: ‘This time we want to move together and encourage things’ – and there were mutual understandings. The national relations were at the highest level at that time..." 

Al-Aqsa TV interviewer: "The Intifada began to move from the popular stage to the military stage after about a month and a half. What caused – or how was the transition – especially after we saw at least, as you noted, the participation of the [PA] Security Forces in shooting at the settlements... We saw that at least [the PA’s] Force 17 in particular among the [PA] Security Forces would shoot at the Zionist occupation. How do you understand this, or what do you know about this stage? ..." 

Hamas founder Hassan Yousef: "All of the forces, would meet. [We would] prepare the Intifada activities at these [meetings]: We want this on this day, and on that day we will act that way… In every city a meeting of the National and Islamic Forces would be held, like the national coordination committees in Nablus for example, and there were coordination committees in Tulkarem, Hebron, and so forth. And we were in contact, and the central [headquarters] were here in Ramallah." 

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