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NGO deplores honor killing and state of women’s’ rights in PA

Headline: "SHAMS: Israa Ghrayeb is an additional victim of male culture"

"The SHAMS Center said that the murder of civilian Israa Ghrayeb (i.e., on Aug. 29, 2019, in an alleged "honor killing”) is a grave violation of women's rights… and that it is a crime without honor, whose perpetrators deserve the maximum punishments.

The center said in a statement: 'Women remain the most prominent victims of the male culture and of the violence that grows out of it, while this culture elevates men beyond the culture of shame, appoints them the masters and guardians of morality – even when they act immorally – and grants them complete immunity. Reducing a woman's honor to her hymen indicates a superficial and uncivilized mentality that stems from viewing women as bodies and private property.'

The SHAMS Center emphasized that the state of women's rights in Palestine is still at a standstill, and that women are still being murdered. This is despite Palestine joining many international conventions in 2015… despite the elimination of mitigating circumstances from the Jordanian Penal Code that is in use, and despite the efforts of the women's organizations and NGOs to raise awareness, educate, pressure, support [victims], and struggle against  the male culture – something which obligates the official bodies to take more serious and effective steps, amend the national legislative system so that it is consistent with Palestine's international commitments, legislate a law to protect families from violence, and increase the severity of punishment for criminals who murder women."

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