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Post by Fatah official condemns violence against women and “honor killings”

Text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page, written by Secretary of Fatah’s Poland Branch Khalil Nazzal

Posted text: “The problem of violence in the family is not a sudden or new issue, but what is new is its spread in such a manner despite the cultural and scientific development that has taken place in society. It may be that women are the first victims of the mentality of using violence to resolve all of the problems that the family is dealing with. Women are still the weak link, despite the empowerment of their role in all fields of life. They are the side that is exposed to a demand for an accounting and to accusations of bringing shame upon the family, while the family defends the men against the same accusation…

Whoever raises his hand against his sister, daughter, or wife loses the right to be called a ‘man’…

We will not be able to advance even one step as long as we are seeking a solution within the same moral system that has permitted burying girls alive immediately after their birth, thereby getting rid of the ‘shame’ that they are likely to cause if they stay alive! There is no honor for one who does any wrong to his sister, daughter, or wife on the pretext of hollow bravery and in order to avenge ‘the family’s honor.’ If there is anything that necessitates demanding an accounting from someone… no one has the right to take the law into their hands and impose the law of the jungle on our society, which is surrounded by enemies on all sides.”

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