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40.8% of Palestinians believe local media played an active role escalating the Intifada

Headline: “In a poll done by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion 69.2% of Palestinians consider the role of the local media in tis coverage of the events of the Intifada as positive”
     “A public opinion poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, supervised by the Center’s head Dr. Nabil Kukali, shows that 40.8% of Palestinians are of the opinion that the media played an active role in escalating the Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005) to a great extent, while 34.1% felt the [media] played an active role to a certain degree, 11.1% said this [the media’s] role was marginal, whereas 6.2% said the media had no role at all [in escalating the Intifada]. 7.8% chose not to respond to the question.
69.2% of the [Palestinian] public evaluated the local media’s role in covering the Intifada as ‘positive,’ while 23.1% described it as ‘somewhat positive’. 4.8% described the role as ‘negative’. […]
In response to the question ‘Does the Palestinian Authority respect a citizen’s right to express his opinion freely, even if his opinion is in opposition to that of the [Palestinian] Authority?’ 50% responded ‘no’ and 28.5% responded ‘yes.’ 21.5% chose not to respond. 28.5% of those polled said that the [Palestinian] Authority respects the media’s freedom to publicize news items and reports that oppose [the PA] as well, while 46.8% believed the opposite to be true.
In response to the question ‘Can people in the [West] Bank and Gaza criticize the [Palestinian] Authority today without fear?’ 42.6% responded ‘no’, 38.3% responded ‘yes’ and 19.1% chose not to respond. 51.8% of those polled disagreed [with the claim] that the media are free to investigate affairs such as corruption, etc., and to publish or broadcast their findings, while 25.3% said the opposite is true. 22.9% expressed no position.
47.1% are of the opinion that the local media express the Palestinian Authority’s views, while 34.3% said they are of the opinion that [local media] do not express its [the PA’s] view. 18.6% expressed no position [on the question].”