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Op-ed supports proposed law to raise marriage age to 18 and supports gender equality

Excerpt of op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah Revolutionary Council member and regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: "Hizb ut Tahrir and women”

“Those responsible for publicity and media in the Islamist Hizb ut Tahrir (i.e., an international Salafist political organization) blurred the women's faces in a picture that was taken during a meeting of the Erada Women's Coalition for Justice and Equality with [PA] Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh.
The blurred pictures of the Palestinian women, which were published together with an article on Hizb ut Tahrir's position regarding the Palestinian government's intention to work on a law to raise the age of marriage to 18, summarized Hizb ut Tahrir's method of discriminating on the basis of gender…
We entered their website – and by the way, this internet was invented by ‘the heretic West,’ the same West that they accuse PA of imitating – and their headline was as follows: 'Raising the age of marriage to 18 – imitating the heretic West and corruption across the face of the earth.'
They speak about women as if they are material ‘merchandise' that they have bought and that have become their property… They are unable to comprehend the idea of equality and justice between the two genders.”