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Fatah posts images with slogans encouraging Israeli Arabs to vote in Israeli elections

Text and image posted on the official Fatah Facebook page


Posted text: "From the campaign to support raising the voting rates in the Arab sector for the Israeli Parliament elections, in response to the Israeli right-wing’s attempts to support the [election] boycott campaigns in the Arab sector"


The image is a collage of various images with slogans to encourage Arab Israelis to vote.


Each image contains a circle at the top with the text: "Your vote – your future"


The images from left to right, top to bottom:


Image 1 shows the silhouettes of several people.

Text on image: "We are remaining here even if a million laws are legislated"


Image 2 shows Arab people standing by a ballot box as a child places a ballot in the box.

Text on image: "I am voting, and you?”


Image 3 shows children running towards a ballot box with hills behind them.

Text on image: "Your vote is the cornerstone of our children's future"


Image 4 shows two pictures of land on the left, and in the top one two Arabs in robes and keffiyehs (Arab headdresses) are sitting on the land. On the right is a ballot box.

Text on image: "From the Negev (i.e., an area in southern Israel) to Sakhnin (i.e., an Arab city in northern Israel) are going to the voting booths"


Image 5 shows a man wearing a keffiyeh, and behind him a ballot box.

Text on image: "'The worries of the world are on your head'

  • Violence and the annexation of houses
  • Unemployment and economic distress
  • The worry for your children's future

Your representation in the Israeli Parliament will act to restore your importance



Image 6 shows an ultra-Orthodox Jew on the left, and an Arab wearing a keffiyeh in the center.

Text on image: "The religious Jews vote at a rate of 80% and achieve thousands of accomplishments – learn from them"


Image 7 shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wiping his forehead with his head bowed.

Text on image in English: "THE END"

Text on image in Arabic: "Bibi, do not rejoice. Our votes will not give you a place [in the government]"


Image 8 shows a man on his knees wearing a keffiyeh with an ax in his hand, and in the background another man.

Text on image: "Our forefathers fought to remain in the country and we will fight so that our children will remain"


Image 9 shows an Arab man wearing a keffiyeh placing a ballot in a ballot box on the left, and on the right is US President Donald Trump.

Text on image: "Trump, you have a deal (refers to Trump's as yet unpublished Middle East peace plan –Ed.), and our Arab vote is a slap (a play on words in Arabic; the words for deal and slap sound very similar –Ed.) – we are remaining here"


Image 10 shows various pictures of Netanyahu and on the right a warning symbol with text within it and underneath it.

Text on image: "Pay attention! If you do not vote, your vote will go to the [Israeli] right-wing"


Image 11 shows the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the foreground and the Dome of the Rock in the background.

Text on image: "Let us vote, for Jerusalem and the holy sites are in danger"

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