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Op-ed denies Jewish connection to Israel: Israeli Jews “are nothing but colonialist-settlers, all of them"

Excerpt of an op-ed by Alaa Al-Din Abu Zeina, head of the Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad’s translation department. Published in Al-Ghad on Aug. 4, 2019, and in Al-Quds on Aug. 5, 2019.


Headline: "They are all colonialist settlers – how could they not be?"


"It might be that the Zionist enemy's greatest victory in occupied Palestine is the invention and marketing of the story about the difference between 'the State of Israel' on the 1948 lands (i.e., Israel) and 'the settlers' in the West Bank, and in Gaza in the past.

Through a number of fraudulent steps taken by the UN and global forces, a legitimate 'state' in most of occupied Palestine and an illegitimate presence - essentially represented by the settlers on the 1967 occupied lands - were created… For this reason, the European Union (EU) boycotts the products of the settlements, but not the products of Israel, and so forth.

Essentially, if the Zionist entity were to take its settlers out of the West Bank and completely relinquish it and Gaza, it is the one that benefits from this. For it is an entity that began as castles in the air and developed into a global movement whose goal is to create a homeland for the members of the Jewish religion from all national identities, races, and homelands. It was logical to exploit the fabled-Torah idea of 'the Promised Land,' as long as religion is the only thing that unites people who are not one people or nation in the accepted sense, in order to target Palestine for colonialization (sic., DNA testing has shown that Jews from around the world share genetic similarities indicating a common origin in the Middle East). And what happened afterwards was an invasion carried out by foreigners… through the importing of tens of thousands of immigrants with the aid of easements from another occupation, Britain, arming them, and preparing them to storm the country. These were not local Palestinian citizens who carried out a coup in order to take control. These were invaders, period.

Aside from the Palestinian Jews who have been in Palestine generation after generation, 'the citizens of Israel’ are nothing but colonialist-settlers, all of them without exception, whether they are reactionaries or progressives, right-wingers or left-wingers, violent or non-violent. The first of them settled – and after them came their children and grandchildren – in a state that is not theirs in order to take control of it. They took control of lands and property of the original inhabitants through violence and ethnic cleansing…

'The settlers' in the West Bank are only a part of the settlers in historical Palestine, and they are no different from them in type, conduct, or anything. They carry out a functional role planned as part of the large plan to swallow historical Palestine and legitimize the occupation that occurred gradually, by the occupation of a part in 1948 and the rest in 1967. This gradualness of the occupation turned occupied Palestine into 'occupied territories’ (the West Bank and Gaza) [parentheses in source], and other 'unoccupied [territories]' (Israel) [parentheses in source]!

Despite this, there are those who find it logical… to reconcile with this violent entity, or to implement normalization with it. Anyone who knows the whole picture must recognize the unethical and illegitimate settler-colonialist character of the Zionist entity in all of Palestine; and if they have relations with it, then they have relations with barbaric settlers."