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PA security forces release businessman who participated in US-led Bahrain conference, following US pressure

Headline: “Exclusive to Amad: The [PA] government in Ramallah releases Abu Mayaleh due to an American threat”

“The intelligence forces of the [PA] government in Ramallah released businessman Saleh Abu Mayalah from Hebron on Saturday evening [June 29, 2019]. Palestinian sources told [the independent Palestinian news website] Amad that the release took place following a threat sent from the American embassy to the PA presidential office.

It should be noted that the intelligence forces of the limited autonomy’s government carried out a wave of arrests in Hebron on the night between Friday and Saturday, which included a number of participants in the workshop in Bahrain (refers to US-led conference in June 2019 focusing on economic aspects of US President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan –Ed.). They arrested Saleh Abu Mayaleh when he returned home, and another unit of the forces surrounded the home of Ashraf Ghannam and attempted to arrest him on the pretext that he was sentenced to prison for assaulting an intelligence force member a year ago, but he managed to escape. The security unit seized the cameras around his home and his documents, and left the site.”