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PA committee: Israel is trying to make Christians emigrate; Palestinians respect Judaism

Headline: “The Higher Presidential Committee for Church Affairs [in Palestine] meets with a British delegation”

“In the framework of the activities of the [PA] Higher Presidential Committee of Churches’ Affairs in Palestine… the committee met yesterday [June 19, 2019]… with a British delegation of clergy, heads of religious institutions, and heads of institutions of religious dialogue…

The committee briefed the delegation on its activity and on its role in strengthening the Christian presence in the holy lands, and on its activity to stop the [Christian] emigration abroad by supporting and renovating the local churches and the institutions subordinate to them. This is along with a number of projects that can strengthen the Christian resolve on the holy lands and block the Israeli efforts to reduce the Christian presence in Palestine, whose goal is to turn the Palestinian-Israeli conflict into a religious conflict…

[The committee] explained that the conflict is political and not related to faith, and that the Palestinian people – Muslims and Christians alike – respect Judaism.