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PA district governor: “Prisoners and Martyrs” are “the salt of the earth;” Prisoners suffer from “abuse and medical negligence”

Headline: “Ghannam: It is known that the process of building the homeland is reaching its end, and every day requires a new step”

“[Ramallah and El-Bireh District Governor Laila] Ghannam emphasized that success and construction depend on the existence of a people that believes it will triumph in the end. She conveyed blessings to our heroic people that is standing firm, and particularly the prisoners and Martyrs – the salt of the earth – and their families wherever they are, because without them there would be no stories of success, stories of heroism, and stories of giving, of which we are proud…

At the end of the interview, Laila Ghannam conveyed her thanks and appreciation to women everywhere, and particularly the Palestinian women. She emphasized all the love and appreciation that she feels for women worldwide, who are dealing with many challenges and obstacles, but noted that in Palestine the women are dealing with difficult challenges, and prime among them is the occupation that acts brutally towards everything Palestinian, and yet the Palestinian women continue to be a symbol of resolve, sacrifice, and giving.

[She added:] ‘Our women are eternal as long as this land exists. They stand firm like olive trees. The Palestinian women are the symbol of life and the river of giving. They have stood by the men against the occupation in all fields, as mothers who have given birth to outstanding people, as sisters who have stood against the winds and the storms. They have waved the flag of Palestine in all of the fields and done acts of heroism. They have fought and ascended [to Heaven] as Martyrs, and turned into stars that light up the skies of Palestine. [There are also] female prisoners who have written the strongest stories of heroism in the face of the policy of abuse and medical negligence; the female residents of Jerusalem who are standing firm, who are defending the Arab identity of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque; and the female refugees in the refugee camps in the diaspora, who are teaching the generations about the love of Palestine and the right of return.’”