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Join PMW’s online campaign to close Fatah’s terror promoting Facebook page

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Numbers matter. Spread the word!

Just 1 minute of your time, that's all it takes to join our online campaign to shut down Fatah's terror-promoting Facebook page. Fatah used Facebook this year to tell its 250,000 followers that terrorists who murdered Israelis are "the perfect person," "the ideal example of humanity," "the crown jewel," the magnificent," "the star of the night," and more.

Click the button above to send Facebook a pre-written email demanding that it close Fatah's terror-promoting Facebook page.

After submitting your letter, please click on the Twitter and Facebook icons. Encourage your friends and followers to join the campaign. People need to know that Facebook knows that it is facilitating terror promotion and is doing nothing. More people must demand that Facebook stop partnering with Fatah and close its terror-promoting Facebook page.

Most importantly, please join the campaign today. The more people that let Facebook know how they feel, the better chance Facebook will stop partnering with terror promotion, and lives will be saved.

Click here to reach the pre-written email to Facebook.

Read PMW's latest report and see for yourself how Fatah promotes terror on its Facebook page.

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