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PA daily editorial praises Palestinian culture which is “against terror everywhere”

Editorial of the official PA daily

Headline: "Palestine is against terror"

"Palestinian hero Saber Murad – who opposed the terrorist in Tripoli, Lebanon, with his body and thwarted his criminal operation, and thus saved the lives of many of the residents of this city that is dear to our hearts (Murad threw himself in the path of a terrorist's bullets on June 3, 2019 –Ed.) – reminded us of what Talal Salman wrote in an article in the Lebanese newspaper Al-Safir a number of years ago under the headline ‘The Palestinians are the jewel of the Middle East.’ Thanks to Murad, the truth was made clear again today regarding this jewel, which spreads the light of the Palestinian culture and its human and cultural ethics that stand against terror in the search for a world without violence and extremism and so that security, stability, and just peace will prevail in it. There are no opportunistic political goals in this authentic culture, which caused the brave Palestinian Intelligence members to liberate the two kidnapped Swedes from terrorist group predators as part of an operation to express thanks to friend Sweden (according to Arabic reports the Palestinian General Intelligence acted in coordination with Jordanian intelligence in April 2015 to free two Swedish clergy who were kidnapped in December 2013 –Ed.). Expressing thanks is an ethical and cultural act which stems from the true and authentic Palestinian culture, because of which Palestine has signed agreements with 83 states to fight terror. Palestine acts through the positions of the legal leadership and its policy to implement the war on terror everywhere in an uncompromising and skilled manner that has won it its prominent position in the institutions of the international community…

These are the Palestinians, the defenders of peace, security, and calm, [who act] against terror everywhere, even if [forced to] pay for it with the lives of their children.”

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