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Praise for Deception

"Marcus, founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch, and Zilberdik... have authored a must-read for anyone who stubbornly holds out hope that coexistence between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel can be achieved in our time. It is not easy reading because the book meticulously and systematically compiles numerous public documents and statements in Arabic by PA officials and institutions that prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Palestinian leadership teaches its constituents to hate, to deny Israel's right to exist, and to envision a world without Israel."
The Middle East Quarterly, Efraim Inbar, Spring 2014

“If there were an Oscar given for doublespeak, the Palestinian political leadership would win it, hands down... Deceptioncarefully analyzes a full year’s worth of cultural, educational and general media... We’ve feared for years that the current generation of Palestinians is unprepared to make peace with Israel. We now have strong and depressing evidence that the next generation may not be ready either.”
NY Daily News, Richard Chesnoff, Jan. 1, 2012

“A new book catalogs dozens of examples of messages broadcast by the Palestinian Authority for its domestic audience that would seem at odds with the pursuit of peace and a two-state solution… Many Israeli and Palestinian analysts have said that what Palestinian leaders tell their own people in their own language - as opposed to English-language statements tailored to opinion in the rest of the world - is the truest reflection of their actual beliefs. This has had the effect of further entrenching the sides to the conflict and undermining confidence that it can ever be resolved.”
NY Times, Isabel Kershner, Dec. 20, 2011

“A counterweight to this inclination to deny the truth about the Palestinians has come from the work of Palestinian Media Watch… a new book titled Deception: Betraying the Peace Process that is filled with translated quotes of Palestinians from 2010 to 2011. The cumulative effect of the depth of the hatred and delegitimization for Jews and Israel that is mainstream opinion among Palestinians is devastating… Ignoring or seeking to marginalize the truths that PMW has uncovered will only lead to more bloodshed, not peace.”
Commentary, Jonathan S. Tobin, Dec. 20, 2011

“Deception might be one of the most important books you may handle in your lives… Deception disturbs me so much because the volumes of hate speech make a move towards peace so much harder. Why would the PA be spreading all these libels and lies if they wanted their people to achieve reconciliation with Israel?… Deception must be read as a warning. Government-sponsored hate speech is incompatible with peace.”
Robert L. Bernstein, Founder Advancing Human Rights
Founder, Chair Emeritus of Human Rights Watch
Speaking to press at launch of Deception, Dec. 6, 2011

“It’s a terrifying subject… When one uses children to become agents of hatred, the crime is 100 times more severe. What they are doing now in the Palestinian territories is precisely that... One thing is clear – indifference in this case is a sin. It is contagious just as drugs are. There is nothing more urgent today than this subject.”
Eli Wiesel, Nobel Laureate
Speaking to press at launch of Deception, Dec. 6, 2011

“It is difficult to believe that this [material in Deception] is the official television channel of the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, and not that of Hamas or the Islamic Jihad… The book's findings, in some cases, trigger concern, in most others nausea.”
Ha’aretz, Feb. 19, 2012

“Every talk show host in America needs to own this book, more than anything else… buy this book, and make sure, you know what the truth is. Your eyes will be open, and they will not close again. They won’t close again on this issue.
Arm yourself with the information.”
Glenn Beck, Dec. 7, 2011

“Every mass-murder is preceded by systematic mass-brainwashing. Although Israel ignores it, this mass-brainwashing has been going on in recent years beside us, practically within us… Deception, presents the systematic incitement against Israel and the Jews under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority... The [Israeli] Foreign Ministry must send an abstract from the book, or its full-length text, to every organization, institute, and country in the West which helps to fund this brainwashing. This Antisemitic fascism must be stopped. And it certainly should not be funded.”
Ma’ariv (Israel), Ben Dror Yemini, Dec. 9, 2011

“An important new book that details in exhaustive fashion the duplicity of the Palestinian Authority... The book offers extensive proof that the Palestinian leadership endorses and promotes the belief that there is no room for a Jewish state in the region and that Jews, not just Israelis, are evil and must be eliminated. This disturbing reality largely goes unreported in the mainstream press and is ignored by Western nations, including the U.S.”
NY Jewish Week - Editorial – Dec. 7, 2011

“To better understand [former US Congressman] Gingrich’s statement that there is not much difference between Fatah and Hamas or [US Congresswoman] Bachmann’s criticism of Palestinian text books, we recommend reading Deception: Betraying the Peace Process.”
The Jerusalem Post - Editorial – Dec. 12, 2011 

"The facts documented by Deception: Betraying the Peace Process have a great value to the extent they are set within the larger historical context and are recognized as a symptom of the obstinate Arab rejection of a Jewish state. Without this dimension of understanding and truthfulness it will be difficult for Israel to make its case effectively in the court of world public opinion."  
Dr. Asaf Romirowsky, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, July 8, 2012
"Is it true that the Palestinian Authority through various media that they control, are helping to spread hate propaganda, demonization of Israel and Antisemitism? The answer is unfortunately 'yes'. ...[Deception] is difficult reading...Neither the Palestinian desperation, nor the rise of radical Islamism justifies the hateful rhetoric that has developed on the Palestinian side ... I hope that the aggressive and hateful rhetoric that has developed in the Palestinian community, particularly through the last couple of decades, will be put on the agenda of the pro-Palestinian community. What shall we say to our Palestinian friends about this?"
Arne Orum,, July 9, 2012  


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