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Fatah: Jews allied with Nazi Germany to burn Jews for profit

Produced by Fatah's "Commission of Information and Culture” 
Title: The Children of Israel 



Narrator: "In Europe, the [Jewish] tribe established camps and residential areas, crowded ghettos in order to separate from other people out of arrogance and disgust for non-Jews, who do not reach their status, and who according to their [Jews’] worldview are snakes and sons of snakes. There [in the ghettos] they schemed to exploit the others' material and human resources... The people of the world began to hate the [Jewish] tribe’s ghettos and the warehouses for export of hate and exploitation. [The Jews] were hated because of their racism and their filthy behavior – and not because of their superiority, or their intelligence, or their being religious, or their being better. Zionism was born from the womb of exploitation, while taking advantage of this hatred [towards the Jews] and turning it once again into a colonialist tool. The rich people of the [Jewish] tribe led the project to enslave humanity and exploit it, while trading in the blood of their own people, enjoying their weakness, and creating ties with those [Nazis] who burned them, in order to turn them into a tool of production and to accumulate wealth. A homeland was established for them on the blood of new victims, again the residents of Canaan... Seventy years have passed since the artificial state’s [Israel’s] establishment, and all the theories of modernization and development have not removed the idea of superiority, the idea of [racial] purity, and the idea of enslaving the peoples from the [Jewish] tribe’s mind. They [the Jews] have not removed from their consciousness   the view of the other as inferior and the right to spill the blood of the nations… They again swear to themselves: 'There is no law and no order. There is no equality and no justice. We [Jews] are a nation that is above the [other] nations. We are the people that was chosen by God - we use holy violence. Only we are people, and all the others are our animals.'”

Posted text on Facebook: “[Fatah program] The Gist 
An episode entitled The Children of Israel 
Prepared and presented by Dr. Iyad Abu Zneit 
Produced by the Fatah Movement Commission of Information and Culture”

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