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Jews want to steal the Ibrahimi Mosque (Cave of the Patriarchs) and plan to destroy other Muslim sites

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) children’s program:
Child: "Uncle Hasan, Uncle Hasan!"
Hasan: "Heavens, what is it, Alush? What are you so happy about?"
Child: "I'm like the grown-ups, watching the news!"
Hasan: [Laughs] "That's great."
Child: "I'll tell you about a really, really nice report."
Uncle: "I suppose it's nice, if the report makes us happy."
Child: "You know the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., Cave of the Patriarchs) [in Hebron]?"
Uncle: "Who doesn't know the Ibrahimi Mosque? Everyone knows it."
Child: "Uncle, they turned it into a museum."
Uncle: "What?"
Child: "So that people, Jews and Christians, can look at it."
Uncle: "That can't be what you heard; are you certain?"
Child: "Yes, yes."
Uncle: "And you're happy about it?!"
Child: "That way they'll be able to look after it, and they'll stop destroying inside it, and people will be able to look at it."
Uncle: "Ali, you're crazy."
Child: "Why?"
Uncle: "Don't you know that that mosque, the Ibrahimi sanctuary, is from the time of Abraham? It's part of our heritage, it's an Islamic trust. And you're happy that the Mosque – in which we all worship Allah, in prayer, bowing, day and night – will turn into a synagogue, into an archaeological site, and the Jews will come and defile it?"
Child: "I didn't know that. Are they making fun of us in the news?"
Uncle: "No. On the news they tell the truth. But you see that everyone is worked up over the Tomb [of the Patriarchs]. It's a sad report, a dire report for the Arab and Islamic nation."
Child: "Those Jews want to steal the Ibrahimi Mosque?"
Uncle: "Yes, they want to steal it, and then to turn it into their own, like the alleged Temple, and to turn it into part of their heritage for their future generations."
Child: "Uncle, what should we do about this unfortunate incident?"
Uncle: "Unfortunately, Aloush, and dear children, the Islamic nation is sleeping. It is in a coma, a deep sleep. And so we must stand up, wake up. Aloush, and dear children – we must each tell his father, his grandfather, his family, that everyone must wake together and rise up against the criminal Zionists who are planning to destroy it, to destroy Jerusalem, to turn the Muslim endowments into something that is not good, to adopt it for themselves.
Aloush, we must stand up, we must take a stand against the criminal Zionists – enemies of Allah – and liberate Jerusalem and all the holy places. We must liberate them. Are you listening, Aloush?"
Child: "Yes, now I understand. Before, I thought that the Jews were planning to let people visit the Ibrahimi sanctuary, but [actually] they want to snatch it."
Uncle: "Quite right, Aloush; you understand the issue. Have you told anyone else besides me?"
Child: "Only you."
Uncle: "Okay. It's good that you didn't bring shame upon us. If you had spoken about this on the street, do you know what they would have accused us of, Aloush?"
Child: "What, uncle?"
Uncle: "Collaboration. Collaboration, Aloush – they would have thought that you're a Zionist collaborator.
And so, Aloush, there's something I want to tell you. Before we say a single word, we have to weigh it before we say it. OK? We have to know all of our Islamic and Arab holy places. OK, Aloush?"
Child: "OK."