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PA daily editorial: Resignation of US envoy proves PA was right to object to proposed peace plan

Excerpt of an official PA daily editorial

Headline (addressing the deal of the century –Ed.): “[Go] to hell”

“We will not delude ourselves that the matter of [US President Donald] Trump’s Zionist deal (i.e., refers to Trump’s as yet unpublished Middle East peace plan) has finally reached its end with the resignation of [US Envoy] Jason Greenblatt because he was one of the most prominent drafters of its clauses. However, the resignation and the surprising way in which it was announced constitute an explicit admission that Greenblatt failed in his mission: Advancing the rotten deal…

From our perspective, Greenblatt’s resignation will encourage us to continue to come out against this deal, since the resignation has confirmed for us the correctness of our political activity…

Therefore, and according to the brave decision of the legal [PA] government, Trump’s deal will not be implemented. It will enter the abyss of failure and loss – into which Jason Greenblatt is going today – and it will go to hell.”