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Op-ed fabricates quotes by “Zionist leaders” admitting to “massacres” carried out against Palestinians

Excerpt of an op-ed by Education Lecturer at Bethlehem University Yousef Adawi


Headline: “The Palestinians – 71 years of being refugees, massacres, and suffering. And what is afterwards?”


“Here is the scope of the massacres that the Palestinian people has suffered from, and their intensity have reached a level beyond all imagination and beyond all predictions, which has caused some of the Zionist leaders themselves to make statements indicating the great scope of these massacres and their ugliness. As Zionist leader Aharon Cohen said: ‘Residents of entire villages were massacred and the fingers and ears of the women were cut off in order to take the gold jewelry from them’ (sic., PMW found no records of any such statement). Zionist Rabbi Yoel Bin-Nun says: ‘The historical injustice that we have caused the Palestinians is greater than what the world caused us’ (sic., PMW found no records of any such statement; the article includes a link to the Arabic Wikipedia homepage, but no information about the alleged quote appears there or elsewhere on the Arabic Wikipedia website).”


Published in Al-Isra Magazine, issue 147, July-August 2019

Al-Isra Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine published by Dar Al-Ifta, the official PA body for issuing religious rulings that is headed PA Grand Mufti Muhammad Hussein.